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Launch your own HolidayItForward program in your community


  1. Download the HolidayItForward Cover Letter
  2. Attach the cover letter to any size envelope (tape or staples work best)
  3. Add $1 to the envelope
  4. Pass along the letter & envelope to someone you know or see
  5. Go to the HolidayItForward.Org website and read the stories


The information and suggestions on this web site are intended to provide examples, motivation and inspiration for those interested in initiating HolidayItForward activities. Any activity should be carried out using common sense regarding safety, the age of the participant and the context of the community/situation. Projects should be carried out within the professional judgment of the project leader, rules of the institution and laws of the legal jurisdiction. HolidayItForward.Org bears no responsibility for the specific projects or activities resulting from implementation of projects at the local level.


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