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What is HolidayItForward.org?

HolidayItForward.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to designing programs that help those in need. HolidayItForward collects no money and distributes no money. HolidayItForward designs programs that leverage social media and the network effect to help those in need.

Where does the fundraising money go?

Since this program is implemented locally and giving is done person-to-person, all funds are distributed locally.

Who administers this program?

This program requires no administration since all funds, by definition, go to those in need.

What about program abuse or misuse?

This program is subject to the same abuse and misuse as other fundraising programs that deal with cash donations.

Is this some sort of pyramid scheme?

No, each person decides independently if they are in need or if they want to HolidayItForward.

Why should I participate or start a HolidayItForward program?

The decision to participate is a personal choice, but just knowing that One Person and One Dollar Can Make a Difference is reason enough for most people.

Where do I start if I want to launch a HolidayItForward program in my community?

Follow the instructions on the homepage at HolidayItForward.org.

Is this program appropriate for my children to do?

Absolutely. What better way to teach children the value of giving?

But I am concerned that I don’t know where the money is going exactly?

That’s why HolidayItForward developed the social media aspect of the program to receive feedback from those who benefited from the program.

Can I put in more than $1?

You can put in any amount, but $1 is the suggested minimum.

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